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All services related to technical work and refurbishing, with a comprehensive set of studies and proposals, such as:

  • Refurbishing spaces gradually in sequence so as not to affect business work flow.
  • Complete refurbishment within a scheduled timeline.
  • Refurbishing or repair of facilities after natural or other disasters.

We attach great importance to saving energy in all sectors, both for the environment and for the business (energy audit / energy footprint).


A special oxide coating of energy efficient glazing impedes heat loss in the winter and the entrance of infrared rays in the summer.

If your building has single glazing:

Heat insulation improves 450% when single glazing is replaced with 3rd generation double glazing.

If your building has regular double glazing:

Heat insulation improves 250% when double glazing is replaced with 3rd generation double glazing.

Do I need to change the window frames?

NO!! In most instances energy double glazing can be fitted into each frame (wooden or aluminium). Whenever required from a technical standpoint, we make the necessary changes to an existing frame so that new energy-efficient double glazing can be fitted easily and quickly.

How much time is needed for such a replacement?

Our company needs only a day to replace glazing.

Is there only one type of energy efficient glazing?

There is a great variety of energy efficient glazing suitable for all requirements.