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HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES: Our staff is excellent  and well-trained, and provides House Keeping services to businesses, through legal channels, delivering quality cleaning and maintenance for common areas and rooms, at a reduced cost for businesses (in terms of financial and human resources) by outsourcing housekeeping services as a whole.

Cleanliness reflects the quality of a hotel’s services, irrespective of the category of hotel in question.   This makes it crucial to study in detail and organise these services in collaboration with Hotel Management very important – guaranteeing final results.
GlobalWS’ main services include:

  • Planning job positions, according to the season and priced accordingly.
  • Flexibility and speed of response in the case of emergency or unscheduled requirements.
  • Ongoing training and staff monitoring.

We cover the following sectors:

  • Housekeeping Staff. General cleaning services – Special cleaning services (carpets, crystal surfaces), discreet bed laying and cleaning spaces on a daily basis with attention to detail.
  • Gardening. For gardens and landscaped areas.
  • Pool boy. For pool care.
  • Scullion. Dish washers.

Specialised offering:

We have the know-how to enhance your client target groups by providing allergen free rooms.   Allergies are not diseases and are not contagious.

***A significant increase in the number of people suffering from allergies has been noted over the years. According to recent statistics in western countries, 15-20% of the population suffering from asthma are allergic to pollen, dust, pet hair and 15-19% have eczema.     Overall approximately 7% of the population worldwide suffers from seasonal allergies, mainly caused by pollen and dust.

These studies indicate that the number of persons with allergies is rising. Abroad, certain hotels are making adjustments to rooms in order to accommodate such guests, or can prepare the space on request. In both instances it is better if the rooms do not have door-to-door carpets.  If this is unavoidable, special equipment can be utilised.